KNIME on Linux with Wayland

I downloaded and installed the latest KNIME on two Linux systems; Fedora 31 and Archlinux.
In both systems, KNINE has display issues caused by the Wayland compositor.
For instance, some popup dialog boxes are completely blank, making the software unusable.

Disabling Wayland on Archlinux is trivial, and the display issues seem resolved, but it is getting nearly impossible to disable Wayland on Fedora as they are pushing for its adoption, which is a good thing in my opinion.

Are Wayland issues considered bugs in KNIME, or bugs in Eclipse?

I do see another thread on this forumn where the following is suggested:

./knime --launcher.GTK_version 2

and that works for me.

Just curious if that is a work-around or a feature.

They are considered bugs in Eclipse, more specifically the windowing system Eclipse uses - SWT.

In addition to trying to force the GTK version, there is another suggested environment tweak here:


OK, thank you for the link.

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