knime on TrueOS-bsd

Does knime work on TrueOS formerly PC-BSD? Or can a linux binary be made to work?

If Eclipse runs on TrueOS then KNIME technically should also work. But I haven’t seen any Eclipse packages for TrueOS.

Well eclipse neon is available in bsd repos and installable by AppCafe its GUI package installer. Question is if a linux x64 binary will work!

Thanks for your answer. Guess i will just have to try it…

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Installed linux-c7 packag for some lib so compatibility ///

Well then knime 3.5.3 went as far as the workspace selection dialogue then crashedhs_err_pid3916.log (34.7 KB)

Can somone please help? btw this TrueOS -bsd is running on a 2012 desktop iMac. Quite well i might add