KNIME on VirtualBox Centos08 - Configuration file shows no options


I have Centos08 running on VirtualBox (Host: Windows) with 8 gb ram and 40 gb storage. I downloaded KNIME and extracted the file. KNIME starts and everything works although the “haptic” seems to be a bit slow and for instance double-clicking on a node to open the config file does not work.

But the main bug occurs when I right click on a node and select the configuration option. The configuration dialog box opens but it only displays “File” and no other options.

I attach a screenshot.

Would be nice if somebody could help me to solve this issue.

Many thanks

P.s. there are some warnings related to system default fonts. See image below


I see sb. had similar problems: Knime Config Dialogs/Popups Blank - #12 by alienke. But could not extract a solution that works for me

KNIME on on different Linux distributions (e.g. Centos) seems to cause different issues. I am also getting output for the Wayland compositor. (KNIME on Linux with Wayland)

So, a colleague of mine had a rather simple solution. Before logging into Centos on the VirtualBox, click on the settings button and select “Standard (X11 display server) on Xorg” . Then log in, open Knime as usual and the node configuration window displays all options.


Glad you found a solution, and thanks very much for posting it!

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