Knime output with Email formatting

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Would like to discuss on couple of solutions we are struggling to frame.

Problem statement 1: Is it possible to color code few parts of output email context. For e.g. I would like to increase font and change color to Red for bold letters whilst sending out email comms. as :: Please ‘REPLY ALL’ during approval.

Problem Statement 2: Is it possible to propagate a final table output (as-is) to the email comms. We tried using Table to HTML, but it appears to be expecting some extension to be downloaded prior to that.

Hi @akhil_dhir_14 ,

good timing! We are about to release AP 5.3 in the next days. With it comes a new Email Sender node (to be part of the KNIME Email Processing – KNIME Community Hub extension). This node can embed reports directly into the email body, including texts, tables, and views. The exact set of supported features depends on the email client software you are using. Give it a try once it’s out, and please let us know whether this solves your use case.

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@nan Thank you sharing information about upcoming release. Is there a way to solve these problems with lower versions? Not sure if we’ll be able to upgrade to the said version so fast.

  1. The Send Email node supports sending HTML formatted email. After turning on html formatting (bottom right of the dialog), you can put custom html in the mail body.
  2. You can have a look at this workflow: Convert a KNIME table to HTML for emailing – KNIME Community Hub .
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