Knime perfomance: Many DB Connectors with same connection impanct more than only one Connector

Hi Folks,

I want to know which way is better performance on large workflow:

Example 1 (Make my workflow “more organized”) :

Example 2:

Both examples have the same data base connection, in this case, which way is better or both have a same performance or any better suggestion?


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Hello BR,
with the new DB framework each connector node represents a connection to the database.
So in example 1 KNIME will open up four connections to the database which requires more resources in the database but will allow KNIME to run the four workflow branches in parallel.
In example 2 only one connection is opened to the database which will result in less resource allocation in the database but will also force KNIME to execute the nodes one after the other even though the workflow branches could be executed in parallel. However this is not possible because only one node at a time can use the available database connection.
So in the end it is a matter of available resources how long the workflow will take to execute.



Thank you for the explanation!

You are very welcome :slight_smile:

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