Knime pivoting and formatting

Am new to KNIME, Can some one please suggest on how I can achieve this in KNIME.


Am able to group by and got the below results, but what I am trying to achieve is to group the year under IntCard

This is what I got when used group by on the data.

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Hi @nizamuddin and welcome to the forum.

An alternative would be to extract the YEAR from IntCard and ‘Group by’ using this column.


substr( string($IntCard$), 0, 4 )


Hello @nizamuddin,

if you are looking to add sum row in between then take a look at this topic:

Otherwise can you try explaining it a bit more. Hopefully with some input data and desired output. Dummy data works just fine (or even better in your case due to large numbers).

Welcome to KNIME Community!


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Hi Gonhaddock,

Thanks for the reply, but I am trying to achieve the pivoting format here, where the data is grouped under other grouped column. Is this possible with KNIME. Please advice.

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