knime plugin

I am a student of the university of Buea, West Africa.
I am participating in this year google summer of code and i have a project to write a knime plugin for stratosphere(
I have studied knime closely But i don;t kno how to begin this.Please i need some help from you guys as to how i can ahieve this.


I would recommend the resources available from this link.

Cheers, gabor

ok thanks for that.

i also want to know if there is a way i could revise the knime scource code so i could start from there .


I think the KNIME SDK contains most of the code, the rest can be loaded from the update site. Look for source packages there. (Of cource if you are using a different target platform, you should install the sources there.)

Cheers, gabor

I have studied knime closely ,But i do not know how to develop a new node using the algorithm of malab. I want to know how does knime combine with matlab.


Do you mean the community contribution Scripting integration's Matlab node(s)? (Might be also interesting for you the octave integration.) Both are open source, although if you just want to execute Matlab scripts, probably you do not have to create new nodes, probably enough to add new templates and such things. (Though it seemed from the problem description of GSOC proposal that you will be using Java.)

i have succeeded in downloading the knime sdk but when i click on new i can't find the 'knime nodes' men on the menu the drops.What could be the problem?

I really want have a look at the source code for knime

File -> New -> Other -> KNIME -> Create a new KNIME Node-Extension

Once you have a new KNIME plugin you can look at the source through the Plug-in Dependencies. Although I really dislike this way of doing things as you can't change the formatting or add your own comments as you begin to understand the code. 

You can ge the source files from the plugin jars also: <your install dir.>\eclipse_knime_2.9.1\plugins\org.knime.base.source_2.9.1.0041076.jar


I agree, it would be nice if the new file settings of Java were taken into consideration when generating the code. Although it still gives a good foundation and once you understand the generated code, you can create new nodes by copy/pasting your previous node's (or your own template's) code/configuration.

Ah, I meant using the plugin dependencies as the main way of viewing source code. I'm happy with how a new node is made, I do need to get around to implementing our own template though. 

thanks for you help guys i appreciate it so much.

I also want to plead with you guys if you can tell how to begin this:

 i want to implement the execution of knime workflows on another platform but don't know  ho to begin.

 can you guys please help me

"i want to implement the execution of knime workflows on another platform but don't know  ho to begin."

Do you mean incorporate KNIME into another tool? I'm unsure whether they want you to put KNIME into statosphere or statosphere into KNIME. Can you provide access to statosphere components as KNIME nodes. Taking a data table and running it through a statosphere mapreduce job would be interesting. It would probably need a new state to you could close KNIME while the job runs on a grid/cloud/server. 

You could in theory create a new eclipse RCP application with elements of KNIME available, I wouldn't expect that to be an easy task. 

What is it you are actually trying to do? 


i am tring to allow knime flows on stratosphere. But have a problem on what to actually do as to the interpretation of nodes action and connection to systems like databases

You want to run the whole workflow or select parts of it?

I really want to implement that aspect of executing any knime workflow on knime(whole workflow)

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