KNIME ports for Internet Access

Hi all,
we experience problems with Internet access related to our company’s firewall. Which ports are used by KNIME to access the internet?

It depends an what kind of “internet access” you are talking about. If you want to install updates, for example, then KNIME uses the standard HTTP/HTTPS ports. If you have nodes in your workflow that talk to external services then it depends on the node and the service which ports they use (e.g. SSH nodes or database nodes).

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Sorry for the long silence. We managed to use the standard ports for software updates and to get additional nodes. We are still having troubles with the “Twitter search” node and the “GET Request” node. Is there a documentation available to see what ports they use?

Those use the standard HTTP(S) ports as well. Except if you explicitly configure the GET request to use a different port.


Hi again, I would like to report/give you feedback on this issue / maybe there is a bug in the software:

We set the network connections to “manual” and entered our proxies for HTTP & HTTPS. With those settings we could update KNIME and get additional nodes. With the same settings, the GET Request and Twitter search did NOT work. (407 error).
But when we then clicked on File - Update KNIME we were suddenly asked to enter our proxy user & password credentials in a new pop-up window. After doing so, the GET Request and Twitter search did work normally.


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