Knime prdictions to PLC

How Can i send results/prediction to PLC?
Can you send an architecture?
PLC comunicate with modbus tcp or OPC.

Hi @Moshe,

not quite sure what you want to know, could you maybe write in more detail what the problem is?
Is “PLC” some kind of tool?
What architecture you want to send?
You can always write the result to some file if that is your question :thinking:
E.g. through

And where you can to put your file exactly?

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PLC its programble logic controller.
I get data from CCTV Camera and by Knime i create a prediction that I like to send to my controller.
What is the way to do that?
Thank you

Hi @Moshe,

thanks for the explanation! :slight_smile:
As far as I know your only possible solution would be to check for a Java lib for the connection, then use the java snippet to transfer the data using that library.

Maybe something like this


In general I think you can search for java plc modbus or java plc opc, if you find a suitable solution you can then use it with the java snippet node in KNIME (or if the solution is not JAVA you could call it with the External Tool Node)

However the quick read a did, it seems to not be a trivial task :see_no_evil:

Maybe someone with more knowlage about this topic can help :+1:


i have model that get picture and produce information from it,
the testing and validation work very good.

now, i like to get the picture from CCTV and use them as input for the model,
i have an URL that show me the current snapshot of the camera and another URL that show me the live streaming.

how do i send the picture to the model?

thank you

Hi @Moshe

You created a separate topic which seemed like it was an extension of your current project. In the interest of keeping the forum tidy, I combined your posts together. :slight_smile:

To answer your question: perhaps use the List Files and/or Read Images nodes?


example image dl.knwf (10.1 KB)

Hi @Moshe,

I think @ScottF suggestion with the Image Read node ist the best guess in case your file format is svg/png.
Else you could use a Get Request (which also works for other images) then you just have to check which format you need for your prediction

First, Thank you, its the best forum evvvveeeerrrrr.
At the moment i use png format that I Download from my Camera server.

i have an URL that if type the URL in browser i can see the Camera live stream. Camera is in the same network as the KNIME server, so i have communication betwen them.

I like to go to This URL and get snapshot of the Camera and use it as input data for the model.

It’s posible to do that?

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Take a look at this example workflow that extracts images from webpages:


I think you need to use an Java library here as well. (not an expert, but if there is no image on the page of your webcam to extract, then there is no easy way)
E.g. JavaCV for the transformation auf the stream to an usable image format


Alternatively you could use the Knime Selenium nodes:

Or the free selenium or htmlunit java library
to simulate a browser from knime and take actual screemshots :man_shrugging:

But maybe there is an actual image on the page of your webcam, then an get-node could extract the Image

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