Knime Preferences


I am working on adding my workflows as part of our regression tests. I need to add a custom driver so I use File->Preferences->Knime->Databases and point it to the location with the jar file. For my regression tests I copy the installation folder along with the workflow to the machine on which it will be run. It throws error that it is unable to register the driver.

Is there a way to add custom driver to knime manually?

You can export the preferences and import them on the other machine. Both the batch executor as well as the testing application support a "-preferences" argument where you can pass the file.

Thanks. So, I exported the preferences file and then copied it over to the other machine and set the path of the driver in the preferences file. I ran it with the -preferences argument. It was successful.

Now, I wanted to verify that infact if I remove this file and the driver, it should throw and error. But instead, it kept referring to the driver path although my preferences file itself was not present in the directory.

I want to understand, where is the exact location of this preferences file inside knime? What happens when I pass the preferences argument, does it copy this link elsewhere?

The preferences are stored inside the workspace. If you load preferences from a file they will be persisted and are available upon the next start, even if you don't pass the file again.



Am currently using KNIME 3.2.1 and would like to stay on the same with KNIME not trying to auto upgrade itself.

Is there a way via a file or a registry that I can disable the autoupdate feature of KNIME.

Kindly suggest. Thanks.


KNIME Analytics Platform never updates itself automatically (unless you deliberately changed the corresponding setting in the preference). You always have to trigger the update yourself. Only the available update are shown after every restart.