KNIME project location

I’m writing a KNIME plugin, and I’d like to be able to determine, from the context of my NodeModel, the location of the eclipse project root. The use-case? My plugin has, as part of its configuration, references to a number of scripts that the plugin executes. I would like for these paths to be project-relative ( as opposed to absolute paths ).

Any pointers?


The best solution is to write a PluginActivator for your Plugin that has a static method which returns the desired path. You may have a look at the org.knime.core.internal.CorePlugin class, which does something similar.


To clarify, I’m not attempting to access a resource within my plugin. Rather, I’d like to be able to store additional configuration files within the KNIME project file structure. I can get the workspace location, but not the KNIME project location.

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The recommended method to access a resource located within your plugin is as follows:
org.eclipse.core.runtime.FileLocator#openStream(Bundle, IPath, boolean) which opens an to your resource.
You can access the resource bundle of your plugin with YourPlugin.getDefault().getBundle();
Hope that helps? Best, Fabian