Knime Project Open in Blank Window

I have a project in Knime which opens as a Blank Window as seen in image attached

. Any help on how to open it again.

Hi there @shavar,

I guess you want to say there used to be nodes in this workflow or? Have you made any change to KNIME recently?


Hi @ipazin,

Yes, there were nodes in project before, I actually got the project from another Knime folder from another folder and copy and paste it into my USER\DOCUMENTS\KNIME folder. It also has the project structure as seen in the workflow SVG document but the nodes are not loading.

Probably a silly question, but is it possible that the workflow is zoomed out very far, and you need to drag the scroll bars (or possibly use the Outline pane) to find the location of the nodes inside the workflow?

You could also use Ctrl-F (in Windows) to open the find dialog to search for nodes. If they are there, you can click and the display will shift to their location.

@ScottF, It’s just a blank window that opens. This is another of the projects which I copies over which opened and loaded correctly called nbp scoring

But the nothing is loaded when open npb-refresh project and all files are there in it’s project location.

Hi @shavar
When you open this workflow, does anything appear in the console or knime.log indicating what this issue might be?

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Hello @shavar,

seems you did some kind of copy-paste (at least you said so) but to transfer workflows from one workspace to another you need to do export-import. Here is link how to do it in case you are not familiar with it:


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