knime:// protocol and mount point strange behaviour

Hello guys,

I am a knime-noob and building my 1st workflow. I have read through this guide ( while using mount points and the knime:// protocol. However, the protocol behaves strange and unexpected in my testproject workflow. I am using knime://knime.workflow/data as location to store and retrieve files. I ran the workflow on both Mac and Windows just to see if they behave differently (no they did not, both unexpected results).

My workflow (named testproject):

  1. Download a file using Https Connection node and Download node to target knime://knime.workflow/data. This target maps to local directory INSIDE my Application folder, KNIME on MAC OS X. The same behaviour on Windows but inside c:\Program Files\KNIME. This is not what I expected by reading the mountpoint guide.

  2. Unzip the file to target knime://knime.workflow/data. Now the unzipped file in put in subdirectory data inside the workspace (/Users/xxx/knime-workspace/testproject/data). The same behaviour on Windows.

  3. Zip the previous file (just for fun) to target knime://knime.workflow/data. The rezipped file is put alongside the zip file (/Users/xxx/knime-workspace/testproject/data). The same behaviour on Windows.

My question is, why is node download mapping knime://knime.workflow/data to another mount point location on disk as nodes Unzip and Zip Files? Did I miss to set a configuration setting somewhere or what?

Please help. Thanks in advance.

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Hi & welcome -

I can replicate this locally with 4.0.1 and looking at the code, this appears to be a bug in the Download node; i’ll file an issue in JIRA. (AP-12661 for internal tracking.)

Thanks for reporting it and sorry for the hassle.


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Hello @harmv,

with KNIME version 4.3. there is Transfer Files node that is able to download files using relative path. Check out here for more:


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