knime python extension - failed to run evidently

I’m trying to create python extension node from the visualizer type
that get 2 tables and return a view from evidently (interactive html).
its work fine in jupyter notebook.
but in knime i get this error:

“Execute failed: ufunc ‘multiply’ did not contain a loop with signature matching types (dtype(‘<U4’), dtype(‘float64’)) → None”

the code is:

class evidently():
def init(self, current_data:pd.DataFrame, reference_data:pd.DataFrame ):
report = Report(metrics=[DataDriftPreset()]), current_data=current_data) = report

def get_report(self):

and the execute function:

def execute(self, exec_context,input_schema_1,input_schema_2):
    current_data = input_schema_1.to_pandas() 
    reference_data = input_schema_2.to_pandas() 
    e = evidently(current_data=current_data, reference_data=reference_data)
    updated_table = knext.Table.from_pandas(current_data) 
    view1 = e.get_report()

thanks in advance,

@steffen_KNIME may i ask for your help please?

Where in the code does that error happen?