KNIME Python Output - No table shown

Hi there,

I’m trying to run a Python script and get a table as an output so I can use it in other nodes for other Python scripts and other data tables to be outputted.

In the most simple example, I am unable to even output a table in Python Source Node (I tried also Python Script Node). The script is running successfully (also tested in Jupyter Notebooks) but unfortunately nothing is shown in KNIME.

Please advise.

Hello @marellano
Try to send it into the default output port ‘output_table_1’:

output_table_1 = output_table


output_table_1 = output_table.copy()

output_table_1 = pd.DataFrame(output_table)


I’ve tested it and your original code works correctly. But in your picture the node wasn’t executed (?) as you can see, it’s highlighted in yellow

from pandas import DataFrame

output_table = DataFrame({
    'brand': ['Yum Yum', 'Indomie']
    , 'style': ['cup', 'pack']         
    , 'rating': [4, 3.5]