KNIME Quick Forms

Dear Knimers,

Knime Quick Forms node is my knime, i am using KNIME 4.3.2

Please advice what i have to do to get a Quick Forms node

Thank you

Hi @Prag_Mor,

i can not quite grasp what you mean with your question.
Are you looking for the configuration nodes? (previously quick forms)



with 4.3.2 you should use the updated nodes - which you can find unter:
Workflow Abstraction - Input - Configuration

*Nodepit or KNIMEHUB also help to find old/new nodes in general :slight_smile:


Knime Quick Forms node is not in my knime, i am using KNIME 4.3.2

Hi @Prag_Mor,

is there any reason why you want to use the quickform nodes instead of the configuration nodes? (they are basically the same - just with another name and slightly improved)
The configuration nodes should be availible for you on the default installation

You can add the old quick forms nodes through install extensions - under the normal update site

however I strongly recommand to use the new configuration nodes instead (at least i do not know why someone would want to use the Deprecated nodes - which might not be supported anymore in the future)


Thank you will use the configuration nodes, please share me sample workflows using the configuration nodes.

Hi @Prag_Mor,

one Example:

But you can find more here:
String Configuration — NodePit

Under "Workflows there are many example workflows where the node is used


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