knime rapidminer adding extensions


I added RapidMiner node to KNIME. Is it possible to add Write QVX (qlick connector)  to RapidMiner node? I just need save result to .qvx and RapidMiner has this tool.

if anyone knows give advice, please!



I have never tried the QVX plugin, in case it supports RapidMiner 5.3, it should work in case it has not much special UI associated (with the stable version of RapidMiner Integration for KNIME). The trunk code is based on RapidMiner 7.1, so maybe that could also be an option, though I could not make the Jenkins CI happy, so that is only available if you compile it for yourself. I am not sure about its license (it does not seem to be AGPL), maybe you would need a commercial RapidMiner and RapidMiner Integration for KNIME license to make it legal.

Cheers, gabor

thank you! it seems like issue in license