KNIME relative path error


I am new to KNIME and currently struggling with the relative path.

I tried to transform: “knime://LOCAL/L1-DW%20KNIME%20Analytics%20Platform%20for%20Data%20Wranglers%20-%20Basics/data/demographics.xlsx”

Into : knime://knime.workflow/…/data/demographics.xlsx

But i get an error saying it does not exist. Would someone mind helping me?

Hello @GeorgiaWoodruff,

and welcome to KNIME Community!

Do you have data folder? This is a workflow from a course I assume? You downloaded only a single workflow or entire course materials?


Hello @ipazin

I have the same problem. And I downloaded the full course materials, dragged and dropped the file from the “data” folder exactly as in the video and the same error appears.

Thank you

Hello @GeorgeVP90,

which course and video are you referring to so I can check and give it a try.


It is the [[L1-DS] KNIME Analytics Platform for Data Scientists: Basics], Module 7, video: absolute and relative paths: the knime:// protocol


Hi @GeorgeVP90,

ok. I see. But you did Drag&Drop to which workflow? If the workflow is not one level down from data folder then you can’t use same relative path as in video.


Hi Ivan,
Got it. thank you for the information!
It was not one level down from the data, it was two levels down therefore /…/…/ instead of /…/ should be used.

Thanks again,
All the best,


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