Knime Report Engine Errors on Tomcat Webserver

Dear Knimers
I created a KNAIME Analytics 3.6.0 Workflow and used Datat to Report nodes to Display the data in a knime birt Report. That worked fine on my local machine and the local webserver.

Now I copied the exported knime workflow an the reportdesign files to a Tomcat webserver and received following Error (short Version):

‘… Cannot find or process the com.knime.oda.datasource driver’s data source extension configuration.Cannot find the ODA dataSource extension ( …’

I am searching for the knime.oda plug-in.
I tried the links given at NodePit, but the links are negative.

Does anbody knwo where to download the necessary files ?
com.knime.features.reporting.runtime.feature.jar (version 3.6.0.v201806121322)
com.knime.oda.driver (version 3.6.0.v201806111621)
com.knime.oda.ui (version 3.6.0.v201805031004)
com.knime.reporting.nodes (version 3.6.0.v201805031004)
org.apache.batik.dom.clfix (version 1.6.1.v201806121322)
org.apache.batik.dom.svg.clfix (version 1.6.0.v201806121322)

I am afraid this would work on KNIME Server and not outside my local Environment.
Best regard Alfred

The list of Errors An exception occurred during processing. Please see the following message for details:
Cannot find or process the driver’s data source extension configuration.
Cannot find the ODA dataSource extension (
Check the workspace log file for any problems with loading the extension bundle and its dependencies.
at org


so you have a KNIME Server installed and do want to deploy workflows to it?

In this case you should not copy the reportdesign file only but the full workflow. This you can than schedule on the server and get a email containing the report.

The files you mentioned are all part of the KNIME update site process.

In case this does not help, could you describe what you are trying to do?

Best wishes, Iris

Dear Iris,
sorry for my delay to answer your post.
I answered directly per email and again als post in knime forum.

Unfortunately we do not have a KNIME Server installed.
We run a Apache/Tomcat reporting server using BIRT for reporting.
Normally all our BIRT reports connect directly to a oracle database with JDBC.

I exported the complete KNIME workflow including all the data and the Data-to-report Nodes in a KNIME file.
My server collegue copied the files to the BIRT reporting server.
Running the BIRT report URL from my browser I got a lot of java error messages as shown above.
Would a KNIME server solve my error problems ?
Many thanks Alfred

the KNIME files is 17 MB, i tried to upload the file and got an error message …

Dear Alfred,

yes, I was a little bit confused about your setup thanks for the clarification.

The reports we generate can only be used within KNIME. And yes our Server does have a feature to automatically schedule those reports and send them to you automatically via Email (If you want to test this, just write us an email to

I am sorry, but it is not possible to reuse our workflows within a reporting server as you described.