KNIME Reporting source code


Where/How can i get the source code for KNIME Reporting plugin Node. The source for all the other nodes in KNIME come default with the KNIME Developer version.

I am planning to implement a own reporting functionality for cross-tabulation where in I can get the reporting with the row percentage,column percentage and the overall percentage for every cell in the cross-tab.

Please help me find the source for KNIME Reporting, so that I can understand the flow.


TO be more precise, do we have a KNIME Reporting Developer version to develop custom nodes over reporting tools?

The source code for KNIME Reporting will not be available. It’s a free but not an open source extension to KNIME. You may, however, install the reporting features into the KNIME SDK and develop your own nodes based on them. You do not need the source code for that.

how to install the reporting features into the knime sdk?

can i customize the cross-tab in knime reporting so that i get percentage values rather than count?
does installing reporting features in KNIME help me in achieving this task?


You may install the reporting features in the KNIME SDK just like any other feature in KNIME or an Eclipse-based product. See also

Sorry to revive this old topic, but I'm looking into creating a custom reporting node myself. Is the code available yet? If not, what did you mean with the reporting features? The link you gave was broken.

Thanks in advance!


The reporting extensions are freely available but not open source. They can be downloaded from the standard KNIME Update Site, there is no need to add an additional Update Site any more.


is there any chance that in near future KNIME Reporting will be re-licensed to one of the free licenses (example GPL or EPL)?

About 5 years passed since last answer so mayby there are planned some changes in 2017.

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