KNIME Reporting Tool

I am trying to make use of KNIME excellent tool for our DB reporting purpose.

Our DB is SQL Server. I am able to perform a successfull DB read opretation also from KNIME. But I am not getting the idea of its deployment at about 100's client boxes.

Do we need to install KNIME at each client box for access to data? How can we block the user from accessning nothing other than views that we have created - no new thing the user can do apart from views / data acess that has been created by us?

How would the front end data be rendered - does the clinet needs to be educated on KNIME ?

Hello Prakash, 

Thanks for the kind words.  The functions that you describe (mainly user access permissions and web deployment of workflows) are part of our commercial offerings.  Details on this can be found below but if you have any further questions about this please contact me directly: Aaron(dot)Hart(at)knime(dot)com