Knime Reports - how to align data to the right for numerical columns

I have created a report using the Table View Node and wrapping up as a component.
I have a problem where I can’t seem to find a way of aligning the numerical data columns to the right (instead of the left which is fine for the text columns).
Anyone got a solution to this problem?

Hi @John_Hayes,

if you could provide us a screenshot of your issue, that would better us comprehending the exact context.



Hello @John_Hayes ,

aligning numbers to the right is planned with version 5.3 (to be released in July).
If you are eager to test, you can download the Nightly and try the Number Format Manager – KNIME Community Hub , which has an additional setting “Alignment suggestion”. Beware though that the nightly is not ready for production use.
As a workaround, I would suggest to convert the numbers to strings and add some whitespace padding to the start using the String Cleaner – KNIME Community Hub .

Have a nice day,


Hi Mike,

Thanks for the reply, please find a screenshot of part of the pdf output. As you can see everything is aligned to the left in Knime when utilizing the “Table View” node.

Unfortunately this is no good if you want to show any columns aligned to the right (or even the center). I have a need to align the “MINUTES” and the “USD” columns to the right so they look more professional.

Hi Nan,

Thanks for the reply. I hope that the Knime team has also planned aligning columns to the centre also (as future users including myself will need to have this capability too).

Whilst I await eagerly for the July release of Knime, I will of course try the workaround.

many thanks,

Hi @John_Hayes.

thanks for the details. I fully agree that numbers aligning left is aa UI and typograhic nightmare. The only possible solution I can imagine is to create a report using the report editor:

Then trying to inject CSS through the method “additionalStyles” in the Advanced Compsite View Layout Tab:

Bare in mind that the new nodes might ignore that. The other option would be to use the JavaScript based nodes in conjunction with the CSS node:

Details about CSS classes can be found here:

Happy “kniming”