I am looking into KNIME Rest APIs to execute a KNIME workflow. I have added a Workflow Service Input expecting a flow variable, but not sure what the format is to pass parameters to the API.

Any ideas?

Hi @Willem ,

Maybe this example helps to understand the process? Prediction Service – KNIME Hub

Also see here for the general documentation on Workflow Services in case you haven’t seen this yet: KNIME Workflow Invocation Guide


Hi Roland,

I think there has been some confusoin in my question. I am trying to call the workfow via API calls from PostMan for example. I think this doesn’t work with “Workflow Service Input” nodes as it doesn’t seem to enable parameters in the Rest API call. The “Container Input” nodes do seem to do that. I need to be able to pass parameters to the Rest API end point.
When using “Container Input” nodes it does seem to work. Only think that I am struggling with now is to test the API using Postman. I am not sure what settings to use. I have created an access token for the workflow, but not able to get the workflow to execute using Post.

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