KNIME REST Client Extension with Kerberos

I have a REST API that I am trying to get to that is locked down to Windows Authentication methods. I am using the GET Request node and it has basic and digest but I have been unable to get either to work. There is a grayed out radio button that says credentials and I don’t know why. Does anyone have a suggestion for me to get around this. I really need to be able to use Windows Auth to get this going.

Do you get any errors messages or information why the authentication does not work/fails?

The credentials option is greyed out as it is meant to work with credential workflow variables. If you use a Credentials Input quickform node and connect it with the GET Request node via flow variable connection, you should be able to set the radio button to credential authentication mode.

Marten, thank you for the response. Basically what I think I see an issue with is that there is no option to run the REST node in a form where it will run a request using the current credentials Knime is running under and also forward to the end API that it is using Windows Authentication to authenticate. When the end API gets the request it is identified as Basic and then rejected because it is not using Integrated Security (Windows Authentication).

An example of this is perhaps Biztalk. When using the REST features of Biztalk, there is an option to use Windows Authentication to do so.