KNIME Salesforce Integration - Install Connected App Error

We are using KNIME Salesforce Integration to connect to our Salesforce production environment. However, when we try to install the KNIME Analytics Platform Connected App from Connected Apps OAuth Usage page to somehow manage it’s policies, there an error:

Where should I go to find the correct app / installation link?

Hi @Nitta and welcome to the community!

From salesforce side there is no additional installation necessary - a well-configured Salesforce Authentication should do the trick. On the first tab of its configuration (“Authentication”) you authenticate and on the second (“Instance Type”) you can choose between the test and production instance - there is no additional step needed from salesforce side. After the authentication node you can e.g. use the Salesforce SOQL Node to get data from Salesforce. Does that work for you and if not could you elaborate on the error please?

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Hi @LukasS ,
Thank you for your kind response. Actually The Salesforce Authentication and Salesforce SOQL Node works perfectly fine and we can get data from Salesforce without any problem.
What we want to do here is enhancing the security a little bit from Salesforce side, i.e. only allow certain profiles to access Salesforce from KNIME. Normally, we can do it by install the connected app and manage its policies (here is the official link from Salesforce for your reference: Help And Training Community). However, the install button of KNIME Salesforce Integration OAuth connected app only works on sandbox but production environment. Maybe certain configuration has been missed?

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Hi Nitta,
I am part of the team that initially created the Salesforce extension in KNIME and I also have details about the “Connected App” settings that were specified when registering it in Salesforce’s App Manager.

I think I’m missing some details of what you are trying to achieve (and also some Salesforce internals). When we registered the app (App Manager → Create Connected App) we followed the Salesforce documentation quite closely. In our production and sandbox instances we can configure the App (Connected Apps → Manage Connected Apps → KNIME Analytics Platform). A screenshot of what that looks like is below[1]. The app itself is not shown as “installed” – the “Install” button is still shown as clickable; (Connected Apps → Connected Apps OAuth Usage) - that’s the second screenshot below [2]. Clicking the “Install” button on one of our sandbox instances will cause an error (screenshot [3]).

Does that help? A bit of an information overflow but hopefully it helps us to get onto the same page fast.

– Bernd





Hi Bernd,
That’s exactly what I did with our sandbox and production environments. The only difference is that at step [3]:
On sandbox environment, it’s fine:

While on production and developer environment, this error shown:

You can replicate this error with developer environment. It’s the same with production.

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