Knime - save automatically all changes (history).

Hi, we are client with knime server license.

On Knime is it possible to have a setup to save automatically a snashot every time we change a workflow?In this way we have a version hisyory every time a workflow has been cchanged.
On knime 3.4.2 we have the option when we save to flag “Create snapshot before overwriting”.
If we have this feature, what is the knime version we need to install?
At the end we need to know what is the Knime version that have the feature: everytime we change the Workflow, the application saves automatically a version. We can see in the hisyory all changes applied on workflow.

Hi @pascha !

This would be possible by setting the following KNIME Server configuration to true:

com.knime.server.action.snapshot.force_creation=<true|false> [RT]
Specifies if a snapshot shall always be created when overwriting a workflow or file.

However, this only works when overwriting workflows or files in the KNIME Analytics Platform 4.2 or higher, so an update to a newer Analytics Platform version is needed for this.

Many thanks for your reply.
Could you give me exactly where and how i can do this configuration?
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It can be set in your KNIME Server configuration, either via the KNIME Server WebPortal in the Administration → Configuration tab, or directly in the knime-server.config file.
Please find more details on these in our Server Administration Guide.

many thanks.
Do you know if the setting can be applied only on specific Flow instead on all flows on server?
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Hi Maddalena , unfortunately that’s not possible.

Last confirmation.

Could you confirm me
If i have Knime Server 4.12 and KNIME Analytics Platform 4.5.2 the function
com.knime.server.action.snapshot.force_creation=<true|false> [RT]
can be activated?
many Thanks,

Yes, KNIME Server 4.12 and Analytics Platform 4.5.2 already has this option available.