KNIME screen in Windows 10 in "half screen mode"


I have recently updated my Windows version to Win 10. After that, my screen work area in KNIME 4.0.1 is appearing in “half screen mode” (see image below) and I could not see anyway how to correct it. I have also tested it in KNIME v.3.5.2 and the problem occurs too, so maybe the problem is in compatibility of Eclipse X Windows versions. Can you help me how to fix it?

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Here is topic where this was discussed and certain ideas shared. Hope it will help.

Feel free to come back if nothing from above topic helps.



Thanks @ipazin ! As discussed previously in the topic that you suggested, my problem was solved just by changing the knime-workspace.

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just to drop info that with version 4.3.2. this is addressed and half screen problem shouldn’t happen any more. (AP-16147)

If workspace already has this issue and is opened with 4.3.2 for the first time a simple restart will fix it.