KNIME SDK Setup Corrupt JAR File

I’ve been setting up my KNIME SDK by following the new bitbucket instructions (Bitbucket) and ran into a critical problem that might be widespread.

I hit the problem when resolving the target platform, getting the error:

Error reading manifest for org.eclipse.ui.ide_3.13.1.v20170822-1526.jar

I tried several combinations of initial branches and target platforms, but the problem always seems to be the same. This latest attempt was using the branch releases/2018-07 and I’m attaching a screenshot of what I am seeing.

I took a closer look at the impacted file (org.eclipse.ui.ide_3.13.1.v20170822-1526.jar) and couldn’t open the (9 KB) JAR as a ZIP archive. After hunting around, I found another copy of the same file (2.4 MB) at: Index of /jbc/updates/plugins

Substituting this file for the original and hitting the “Reload Target Platform” button seems to have fixed the problem (see second screenshot).

Has anybody else seen this problem?

On my fourth attempt at a fresh KNIME SDK install (after sending this post above) everything seemed to work as expected without a problem. Not sure what happened, but I’m not complaining!

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Hi @Edlueze,
it seems that file got corrupted during the download, I am happy you found a way to fix it.

Yes - it was weird that the same file got corrupted 3 times in a row but maybe something got cached along the way. Just wanted to raise a warning in case I wasn’t the only one impacted.