KNIME SDK Won't Allow to Install New Software?

I followed these instructions to install the SDK in Eclipse: GitHub - knime/knime-sdk-setup: KNIME Analytics Platform - SDK Setup
Then, I am trying to follow these next steps to install the Node Wizard: Create a New KNIME Extension: Quickstart Guide

When I launch KNIME from Eclipse, I cannot Install New Software. I get an error message saying "this installation has not been configured properly for Software Updates.

Error log in KNIME states:

  • Could not locate the running profile instance. The and eclipse.p2.profile properties may not be set correctly in this application’s config.ini file.

  • Keybinding conflicts occurred. They may interfere with normal accelerator operation.

Any ideas on what could be the issue here? I have java files for nodes I need in KNIME, but no jar files to make them usable in KNIME and I think the person who developed them is no longer working on them.

Hi this is a setting you can change in the launch configuration [1]. However, this is disabled by default as you should instead add features to your target platform definition instead of installing them into the product that you are launching. You can simply double-click on the update site in the target platform editor to select additional features to install:

You can also add extra update site there, e.g. to install community extensions.


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Thank you. I tried to add the KNIME Node Wizard node, but then Eclipse will no longer launch KNIME. Can nodes be built without using the wizard?

Hi @zhuma,

Why would you want to install the wizard into the KNIME AP installation you are starting? That is really not necessary. The wizard needs to be installed into your eclipse installation, not into KNIME AP.

Yes, in fact I recommend you to do this in fact. You can just take the code from this example project, it contains all the basic code that the wizard would have generated for you.

If you want to distribute your extension, I recommend you to use maven/tycho to build it. We also have a template for that:

Don’t worry if that is a bit complicated, you will not need it right away when you start to develop nodes.