KNIME server 4.11 - not able to execute WF as new Job in server, Analytical Platform of 4.2

  1. In KNIME server 4.11 we are not able to see the WF execution with 4.2 Analytical Platform

  2. In KNIME 4.11 Server, we are not able to execute the WF in server from Analytical Platform 4.2


Earlier in KNIME server 4.10 We are able to run the WF as new Job on the server.

Is there any option to execute the WF in server(4.11) from Analytical Platform so that it’ll be easy for us to figure out which node is causing error in server.

Any suggestions will be helpful.

Hi @mathi

can you check that you have the Remote workflow editor installed?



Installed the plugin and able to resolve the issue.

Thanks @Iris


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