KNIME server and executor access to external application and files

Hi KNIME community,

I cannot access external applications and files when I try to run a workflow as a new job on the KNIME Server. The application and files are on the same machine under a same user as the installation of KNIME server. However, the job on the KNIME Server has only access to the files under the Server repository.

I tried to add


to the file <KNIME_SERVER>/workflow_repository/config/client-profiles/executor/executor.epf, but then I realized that this preference only affects certain KNIME nodes, while I am accessing the external applications and files via a node that is developed by ourselves.

In the node, we used “org.knime.core.node.defaultnodesettings.DialogComponentFileChooser” to enable the user to choose files from local machine.

Is there a solution to access the application and files outside of the KNIME server folder while running a new job on the KNIME server?

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