Knime Server (AWS) python2.nodes not installed

Hello all,

I made a workflow with quickform nodes and deployed it to knime-server hosted on aws, when I am executing the workflow on browser, I am getting this error,

I believe the Knime Python Integration package is the root cause of this problem, but the issue is I dont have access to a GUI and there are no instructions to install the package using command line. Is there any way to setup python integration package on knime server?

Looking for solutions,

Thank you!

Hi there, thanks for the question. Can you confirm which version of KNIME Server you are using. Are you using a KNIME Server version that was launched from the AWS marketplace, or one that you installed yourself?

In any case you’ll need to install the missing package into the KNIME Executor. Assuming that you’re doing that on Linux, and via the command line, you’ll need to use a command similar to:
./knime -application org.eclipse.equinox.p2.director -nosplash -consolelog -r -i -d
See page 17 for full details;

Hello Jon, I managed to get the GUI working, updated Knime with dependencies and installed all extensions. But now when I go the knime server, I am getting following error,
Load Error: KNIME Slave 4.6.2 is not compatible with KNIME Server 4.4.0

Hi, thanks for the update. You’ll need to update the KNIME Server as well. In order to do that you can follow the instructions here (4.4 -> 4.5 update guide is also valid for 4.4 -> 4.6):

You’ll need to use the KNIME Server 4.6 installer:

Executor/Server compatibility is listed on the following page: