Knime Server - Azure Market place

Hey Knimers!

My organisation is looking to stand-up a Knime server small on Azure. I am wondering if there is any specific document around deploying Knime server this way?

At the moment I have a few questions around;

  1. Dev and Production environments - how do you provision them?
  2. extra steps in installation/configuration to consider?
  3. Operating system of the marketplace instances?

I understand this question is very vague, but I will appreciate any advice/ comments


Hi there @ajc,

yes there is! Here is a link to documentation about KNIME Server on Azure:

If you don’t find all the answers or need clarification feel free to ask again or as written in document:
“If you require additional support, please contact for further information.” :wink:


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Thanks @ipazin for the link,

I have just found out that the Knime Server Small is not available in the Australia region. Are there any plans to make it available soon?

Also, the main attraction of the Marketplace offering was the hourly pricing. Are there any options similar for a BYO License?

Hi @ajc,

been told this is moving to another channel. Closing topic.