KNIME Server can read from but not write to directory


my department got access to the KNIME Server of another department and now were trying to setup a workflow job. For that we provide the workflow with files in the server browser.


We need our workflow to read that file, transform the content of it and overwrite that file in the same directory.

The file reading works flawlessly, but the file writing does not work at all. We have it setup like so:

We get this message:

We tried:

  • giving every user all permissions for all folders (whats weird is that there was one iteration where the workflow successfully wrote 1 output out of 2, after that never again)
  • Instead write a copy (e.g. RAW_IN2.xlsx) in the directory
  • write a .table in the directory

and now were all out of ideas. Can someone help us, it would be greatly appreciated!

Best regards


As far as I understood this right you are accessing the KNIME Server via a workflow running on a local KNIME Analytics Platform. The error you got indicates that the Excel Writer tries to find the path on the local workspace, not the KNIME Server.

Could you please try to access the KNIME Server via the Knime Server Connector node? Then you should be able to configure the target file properly.