KNIME Server Chemical Images

Hi all,
I setup a workflow on KNIME Server which should be used via the webportal. A SMILES String is transfered into an image via “renderer to image”. Not all images can be created (e.g. as SMILES are incorrect or missing). Empty cells are not that critical during the workflow but when going to JAVA table viewer all empty cells will be replaced with a “missing x” gif, what looks unpleasant. Is there a way to remove this or can I implement a logic that the missing image is exchanged with another one?

I want to echange the [x] e.g. with

Thank you!

Hi @Alkaline

I don’t know if it possible to remove that little “x”. Are you using the Javascript Table view?
But here’s a workflow that gives a basic idea how to do replace it with another image KNIMEServerChemicalImages.knwf (203.0 KB). Maybe worth pointing out to keep an eye on the row ID.

Let me know if you have further questions.
Best, Alice

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Hi Alice,

thanks! Yes, I use a JavaScript Table Viewer. I understand the logic of the workflow and will try to incorporate this into my one. If I will face issues, I will come back.

Best regards