Knime-server.config file configuration


In knime-server.config, we have a property to discard the WF jobs after 7 days(by default).
In server I have more 2 WF’s - WF1 and WF2.

  1. I need to automatically discard WF1 jobs after 3 days
  2. WF2 jobs need to be discarded after 7 days.

How to set up 2 different discard policy on knime-server? Is that possible?

By default jobs are discarded after the time specified in knime-server.config. In case you want to discard jobs of specific workflows earlier than the time specified in knime-server.config you can do this via the server’s REST API. You can extract all jobs created from a specific workflow (GET /rest/v4/repository/{path}:jobs) and check their execution end time. Based on that you can perform DELETE requests for all jobs that are “outdated” (DELETE /rest​/v4​/jobs​/{uuid}).