KNIME Server Connection for deployment

I am trying to test the deployment in the KNIME web portal. When I try to use the community server it shows a message error Login Failed: “Offline tokens nor allowed for the user or client”.

Any light on how to proceed?

Thanks in advance,


Hello @VAGR_ISK ,

Is this issue still persist?
I can see that you were able to log in 4th February (at lease our logs show that).
What kind of authentication did you use?
Is there any node in your workflow which includes the authentication credentials?


Hi @dora_gcs ,

I just received a software update for my KNIME analysis platform. However, it did not change anything. In my opinion, everything in the programme works as it should. It tries to connect to the server by redirecting me to the portal website. However, when I try to log in with my credentials, it shows an error and consequently, KNIME cannot connect. It seems more like a restriction on my account, but I don’t know why.

Do I need specific requirements, such as being a company user, or having a license?




Which server (specifically, which URL) are you trying to login to? We have a community server set up as a pilot project for web app deployment, but its access is limited. If you’d like access, drop me a note about your intended use case at and we can discuss further.

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