KNIME Server Executor Groups

I am configuring my KNIME Server to run specific executors with specific user groups using the Executor Groups configuration method. I have confirmed I meet all the pre-requisites.

What syntax must be followed when providing the executor groups rules?
I have started with one group I’m calling “group1” (no quotation marks).

I’ve created a user group on the server called “group1” as well (again, without quotation marks).

In the KNIME Server Web Portal, I have defined the names of the executor groups with “group1” (no quotation marks) and the exclusivity rule of the executor group is “group=group1” (again, no quotation marks).
I’m running into problems trying to run jobs from people in the group1 user group, the error reads:

Could not run workflow ‘[workflow details]’:data: SSLHandshake Exception invoking [workflow details]:data: PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target.

This is a KNIME Server v 4.16 running on a Windows Virtual Server 2016 with distributed Executors on separate machines (The executors have already been confirmed to run this job before assigning Executor Groups)

This error indicates that the SSL certificates are not setup correctly and has nothing to do with the groups. Does your server have a custom SSL certificate for a certain domain name? You may want to check the canonical_address setting in your server configuration. This is the address the executor uses to access the server. If it is an IP address or the wrong domain name, the SSL certificate the server presents to the executor may not be accepted and therefore lead to the error you are seeing.
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Thanks, Alexander! I’ll gather more information on that and let you know if that works.

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