KNIME Server/Executor not able to find DB Driver


I need to use a AS400 Driver on/with KNIME Server/Executor in a Workflow, but I get the following message, when I try to open the WF as new Job on the Server:

ERROR CreateAndOpenJobWorkflowAction Error occurred while loading workflow into memory: An error occurred during the creation of a job for ‘FOLDER_OF_WF_AND_WF’: Could not load workflow ‘SERVER_ADR’ for 196f4400-b241-4ffc-87d1-582d7d5ded56: Errors loading workflow ‘WF_NAME’: Status: Error: WF 0 loaded with errors
Status: Error: WF load 0
Status: Error: DB Connector 0:1
Status: Error: Loading model settings failed: Could not find the [AS400] database driver.

I tried to reset the WF and uploaded it again.
But then the following happens:
The Server opens the WF, but the DB Connector Nodes shows, that I need to define the DB Type and it is not possible to load the driver.

I copied the .jar-File of the driver in several folders and then made the config this way:

  1. KNIME → Pref
  2. Database → New
  3. Filed out the from (Type DB2)
  4. Apply and close
  5. Export *.epf to config-folder in repository
  6. restart services

Server: 4.13.12 Executor: 4.4.2
On my AP 4.4.2 everything works fine.

Maybe someone know what to do.


Hi Sven,

could you cross-check your .epf entries with KNIME Database Extensions - Executor Profiles?
You can also dump the .jar file in the preferences folder of the server, and reference it with a relative path as seen in the linked example.

Should you have given the profile/file a specificname (e.g. db2-database.epf), you will need to tell the executor to import that profile in its knime.ini. Depending on your other profiles, the knime.ini entry could look like this:


Kind regards


Hello @marvin.kickuth,

a not correct edited ini-file caused the issue. thanks for your support.

all the best,


Hi Sven,

thanks for the update, I’m glad you found the solution.
Hope everything is now working as intended. :slight_smile:

Festive greetings

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