KNIME Server fails to connect!!

HI everyone,

i am having a big difficulty to actually start working with the KNIME Server! There is no detailed documentation how to connect KNIME Analytics Platform to KNIME Server and even how to create mount point!

I have tried to create mount point, but it is not working and drops an Error:

Could not connect to server:

Login failed for user'xxx': Invalid response from server: -1

1. I can log in on the webportal without any problems, then why this Error pops out that my username is not allowed?

2.There is not really any proper documentation what exactly should i type in Server name or address.*

*Eitherway i have tried all the approaches with the same result -- >no connection

Should it be: or only the Server IP or what exactly?

Eitherway none of this works...

I guess you didn't have a look at the KNIME Explorer User Guide yet?

This pdf i have not seen. The one that i found is for example:

which does not give detailed documentation about mount points.

Eitherway i have tried the same approach which is mentioned in this KNIME Explorer User Guide for the Server name or adress ( but still comes an Error. KNIME Analytics Platform is installed localy on my computer, which has a connection to the server.