KNIME server integration with a platform on google cloud service

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I’m looking for guidance on how to connect KNIME Server with a platform built on Google Cloud (GCP). Can someone provide instructions on how to achieve this integration?

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Could you please provide some more information about what you are trying to achieve exactly?

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Thanks Attila for your reply.
Well, I am trying to integrate KNIME workflow into a portal build on top of google cloud platform. This will be essential to create or use any existing workflows as provided in KNIME. I would like to know if this is possible, and if possible, then what is the procedure ? Also, would I require a commercial license to do it or is it possible with open-source license ?

Lijo John, PhD

Hi Lijo,
KNIME Server, and it’s successor KNIME Business Hub, provide the option to deploy workflows as Rest API so they are callable from other programs. But both Server and Hub are our commercial offerings and you won’t find this capability in the open source KNIME AP.
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Thanks Alexander for your reply.
We are doing this task as we think KNIME is an elegant workflow management system. Is there an option where I can procure a trial license (say for 2 months) ?
If yes, can you direct me to that source ?
Any other comments / option are also welcomed !


Hi Lijo,
I think it’s best if you contact our customer care department via this form: Once you fill it out, someone will get in touch with you. It might happen after the holidays, though. If it is more urgent, please let me know and I can see if I can get someone on the line quicker.
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Hi Alexander,
I will fill out the form, but this is an urgent thing, hence requesting your support to expedite the process.


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