Knime server large license for multiple environments

Hi Team,

Our team went through documentation and found if we want to implement distributed architecture we need to buy Knime Server large license
we want to setup Dev/UAT/Production environment for Software development lifecycle.
We have following questions

  1. is there any concept of License server which shared accross multiple Knime server ? if we have setup knime server for dev,UAT, Production so these three environment can fetch license from license server ?

  2. We found license is bound with Mac address ? is this applicable for knime server large as well ? so if we want to run multiple instances of knime server behind load balancer how we are going to manage with one license file

  3. We refer AWS knime large reference architecture in that knime server is placed in Availability group so that it can scale based on demand. if license is bound with mac address how multiple instances are going to support ?

  4. license is based on core’s if we have setup executor’s on different VMs and those executors are not running currently so can these cores be used by other VMs ?

Hi @netamitk,

Thanks for reaching out! Your first two questions have the same answer: We provide you with a separate license file for each of your environments. One of the key metrics for licensing KNIME Server is the number of cores to be used in execution. With KNIME Server Large, you acquire the license for a certain number of cores, let’s say 32. You are then able to split those 32 cores over the different instances as you see fit, and we’ll provide you with an appropriate license for each of them.

As for your third question, in case of AWS, we tie the license to the instance ID rather than the MAC address.

Hope that helps!


Thanks @RolandBurger,
if we want to setup a VM Scale Set(AWS availability group) in this case azure is going to scale up number of VM based on CPU/memory usuage how we can manage this ?
in the above scenario we can’t hard code the license with one instances as instance can scale based on demand.

Hi @netamitk,

We are currently working on bringing pay-as-you-go executors to AWS. Using those, you’ll be able to maintain on KNIME Server instance, and start up new executors as needed based on ASG. Those executors have their licenses baked in, so no need to change the license as you scale.


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