Knime Server large Rest API

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Having following questions on Knime Server Large Rest API

  1. Is there any Rest API to halt all workflow jobs from rest API ?
  2. Rest API to change the pinning on executors (Add/Remove) ?


everything you can do in KNIME Explorer concerning jobs etc you can do via the REST API of KNIME Server.

  1. You can cancel single jobs, however you can iterate through all of them and send a cancel request.
  2. Workflow pinning can be changed via the REST API.



@moritz.heine , . We are using knime large with distributed architecture multiple executor .
Is there a way to start/stop all the executors from Rest API/ please share the steps for the same.


this is not possible since the main idea of distributed executors (now KNIME Executors) is that they’re handled separately depending on your architecture. For example using AWS, Kubernetes etc.

You might be interested in the newly added features of KNIME Server 4.11:

And especially the elastic hybrid execution:


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