Knime server lite

We purchased Knime server lite and installed this. Its our intention to share workflows and collaborate with less than five users. We now have the possibilty to copy workflows that are made in our local environment to Knime server so that other users can copy them to their local environment to work with it. I don't see any version management facilities. So if my colleague is working on a particular workflow I dont receive a notification when I load the same workflow? Is version management supported by the complete version of Knime server? Is it possible to make use of external versionmanagement by using f.i. Jenkins or GIT?

Workflow versioning is not available in Server Lite (see also the product matrix at With complete KNIME Server allows you to create snapshots when you upload a workflow to the server. It does not perform any collision detection or handling at the moment such as a fully-fledged versioning system.

With care, you can use e.g. Git to version control - see this post -