Knime server local deployment

Can I deploy knime server in local machine in free of charge, just for training purpose !!!
(I mean without any purchase for academic session)

If It is possible please suggest me a thread that discuss the the installation for testing purpose !

Dear @knime200087,

You can set up an AWS or Azure instance of KNIME Server and pay as you go (PAYG):

These will incur costs for every started hour of usage (+ instance costs), though the costs are quite low for a few tests and the instances come preconfigured.

If you want to learn more about how to use KNIME Server / KNIME Business Hub as a data scientist, Iā€™d recommend signing up for our L3-PC self-paced course. To follow the exercises, you will get temporary access to a community server.

Best regards,


May I know the cost for Knime Basic Or Standard pricing ?