KNIME server Log


Does anybody know if KNIME logs failed jobs and when KNIME server itself breaks down?
And are changes in workflows logged?

Thank you in advance,

Hi @florblei,

you should see any failure in the knime log of your server.
Failed und executions can also be seen in the logs. Both should also be visible in the knime webportal under executions and schedules (here a lot better to read)
Not sure about your question about breakdown… could you be more specific here?


Hi @florblei,

if you are running into issues with the KNIME server, you can also always reach out to (ideally with logs and KNIME version numbers). We are happy to help debug the issue.

You can get quite a lot out of the various logs, though in some cases it’s hard to figure out what individual messages mean or in which logs to look. I guess that is also something one could discuss during debugging.

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