Knime Server on AWS - Default Python Config


We have a Knime server running on AWS, using the latest images from AWS Marketplace.

Python nodes do not work - I get the following error:

2021-01-28 12:41:37,427 : ERROR : KNIME-Worker-64-Python Script (1⇒1) (deprecated) 0:1265:36 : f387cb8a-1f9f-4512-aaed-4a3d59370848 : Node : Python Script (1⇒1) (deprecated) : 0:1265:36 : Execute failed: Could not start Python kernel. Error during Python installation test: Could not start Python executable at the given location (no_conda_environment_selected/bin/python): Cannot run program “no_conda_environment_selected/bin/python”: error=2, No such file or directory

However my configuration is “standard”. What can be noted though:

  • I have a custom preferences.epf ( for my palladian license )
  • I updated the server to 4.11.3 and made a fresh executor install of version 4.3.0 ( using the “KNIME Server Executor” package from the download page ). I don’t know if the python nodes were working before the update.

I see here and on my server that a default setup is in place including conda and a default environment.

What is the missing piece to get the Knime server work with the preinstalled Conda environment?
Maybe some default preferences.epf lines?

Thanks in advance.

I meant 4.12.0 for the server version.
It was installed using the AWS AMI with Knime Server 4.11.3. Pretty recent :slight_smile:

In the meantime I got it working by adding the following lines to my preferences file: ( ie. /srv/knime-server/config/client-profiles/executor/executor.epf )


However it would have been a great time-saver if those three lines were there by default, or at least written somewhere in the doc!
( Sorry if it’s there and I didn’t find it! )

Hello @sebversailles,

Thank you for this information. Everyone’s environment is a little bit different, and we have users who deploy on both Linux and Windows, so it may not be ideal to include it as a default.

The necessary documentation for enabling and using the preferences files in KS 4.11 can be found here [1]; however, I will forward your feedback about the possibility of including your recommendations in the documentation for users such as yourself who are seeking enlightenment about options. :slight_smile:


[1] KNIME Server Administration Guide

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Thank you for your reply.

Sure but I am actually using the AMI configured by your team, it’s hard to have a more standard one :slight_smile:

Ha! Fair enough. :slight_smile: But the main point is that we will communicate to the documentation team that it may be a good idea to include such options in documentation so that they are visible to those who need them, and to thank you for bringing it to our attention. :slight_smile:


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