Knime Server Options, and what about on-premise ?


I am wondering about the possibilities of deploying knime workflows to a server, is there any options except for Knime Server, AWS and Azure Cloud Knime Servers ?

Can I use On-premise server for deployment and automation ?

Regarding the price, is there low-price options for very small businesses ? (less than $ 10,000 per year)

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Hello @Mutaz,

Thank you for your message.
I am not sure if I understood your first question properly. Are you interested to know whether
a) you could store knime workflows on any existing server options or

  • You could basically store your workflow wherever you like to, as long as it is reachable from your KNIME Server instance.

b) if you could deploy a knime server on some other cloud environment than AWS or Azure?

  • We support the deployment of the KNIME Server application on premises and on AWS and Azure cloud environments. Google cloud might also work but is not supported officially.

Yes, in case you are using KNIME Server on premises you also can use it for deployment and automation.

Our pricing starts at 12,500 € / year (annual subscription) for a KNIME Server Small. There is also the option to use cloud instances on AWS or Azure which can be billed on an hourly basis. Please contact our Sales team ( for more detailed information about KNIME Server pricing.

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Thank you @kevin_sturm, that was very helpful

In case of on-premises, is there any cost would be incurred ?

Also I did not find on the internet how to connect to Knime on-Premises, is there a link you can share about that ?

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Regarding on-premises installations, you only pay for the KNIME Server license, where you basically license users and cores. Please contact for further details, if needed.

Regarding your second question, I would like to get more detail on what do you try to get to know. Do you like to have information on how you would connect from your KNIME Analytics Platform to your KNIME Server (which is hosted on-premises)?

Actually, it does not really matter where your KNIME Server is located. In the KNIME Analytics Platform you simply add a new mountpoint to the KNIME Server instance and you can start working with it.
Adding a new mountpoint can be done via:
a) hitting the ‘document’ icon in the KNIME Explorer toolbar in the KNIME Analytics Platform
b) going to Preferences > KNIME > KNIME Explorer in the KNIME Analytics Platform
Both steps will bring you to the configuration window where you are able to add a new mountpoint.