KNIME Server Oracle DB Connection

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I have a workflow containing Oracle DB Connector. I wonder that if I deploy this workflow to server, what can i do to run this workflow on knime server?

To sum up, Is there any needed configuration for oracle db connection for knime server?




check out this topic:


Hi @ipazin,

Thanks for the response. I have done the steps shown the below ss

Then, I run my workflow again, knime server throws and error Could not find the [Oracle] database driver.

Is there any other step I forgot?

One more question, do I need to restart the knime server after completing the necessary steps? If yes, how can i do that?




Have you added the information about the profile location in the executor’s knime.ini? Like we explain on the client-side setup part of the documentation.

Are you using linux/windows server? If linux, and you have the server and executor installed as services, you can do systemctl restart knime-server and then systemctl restart knime-executor to restart the services. If on windows, you can just go to the services view and restart the Apache service and executor service.

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