KNIME Server - Permission issue

Hi everyone!

I hope you can help me with these probably stupid questions (I’m not an IT guy :slight_smile: )
Following two problems (using KNIME server small hosted on azure):

First of all I accidentally removed the knimeadmin user group from having admin rights in the webportal, is there any way to restore this? Currently I don’t have any user to be admin in the webportal…

Second when I try to access the directories via SSH I can’t access /srv/knime_server, it’s states that I don’t have permission to access this directory. I’m using the credentials I put in when creating the service on azure. Most other directories I can access without problem.

Thank you really much for the help!

Hi @ro_1995,

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  1. Regarding the knimeadmin user

There is no way to restore the knimeadmin user as it is deleted. Usually, KNIME stores the user details in its default H2 database(, By any chance do you have a backup of this file

  • If yes, restore the file under KNIME Server Installation/apache**/conf folder.
  • If not, then, try replacing the file from other KNIME Server environment and try logging in or you might have to re-create the KNIME Server setup.
  1. Check the permissions on the folder and try adjusting it, so that you can access the folder? If not try using root user to access the directories?

Let us know if you have any further queries.

Nagarjun S

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